What a day it was!

I recently spent a few days visiting my father’s hometown, San Bartolomeo in Galdo.
It was truly incredible to be in the home my father was born in, plus generations before him.
Family still lives in that home and we thoroughly enjoyed spending time and connecting with them.
Alessandro Bovino of Bella Italia Genealogy spent one day with us.
What a day it was!
In one hour we found more information than we had to date about the great-grandparents and also what happened to the two aunts who no one knew anything about, plus reviewing many assorted documents.
Alessandro moved around the room like some kind of genealogy ninja knowing just where to quickly find everything.
I would also add that since Alessandro is very fluent in English (as well as Italian of course) it was very easy to communicate and to understand the finer points of what we wanted and what he found out.
Since Alessandro ‘s hometown isn’t far, he knows the area well.
What also impressed us was that he loves what he does and enjoyed some of the day’s discoveries as much as we did!
His interactions with people in the places we visited were cordial and professional and his interactions with our family members was great, too.
We will be asking Alessandro to do some further research because as you know as soon as you get the answer to something, another question pops up! If you are looking for someone to help you with your genealogy research, I recommend, without any reservation, that you get in touch with Alessandro Bovino.