Available packages

You are about to start a research experience which will uncover family stories and facts you had never heard of before. This is a journey of exploration you can embark on by choosing your own package, guided by one of the following reliable explorers:


    COLOMBOBasic Package

    Colombo – for you who are willing to just start taking your initial steps in unfolding your Italian heritage, the basic Columbus package is the right choice to suit your needs!


    VESPUCCIAdvanced Package

    Vespucci – why limiting your research experience to just docs and names? Take the chance today to live your lifetime trip back to your ancestors’ homeland! Signing up for the Vespucci research package saves you up to 30% o our research and tour fees combined!


    MAGELLANOAll-in-one Premium Package

    Magellano – you are very serious about your heritage and want to show off your Italian pride at its full extent: then you are ready to sign up for an all-round comprehensive Magellano package! Contact us today to start your journey to make your Italian side shine off at its full majesty!