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Since the early years in your lifetime, you might have heard lots of stories about your Italian grandfather or great-grandfather who once moved to establish a permanent new life abroad. Throughout decades of events, starting with that very unique Italian ancestor, family has expanded over time and finally resulting in what you are today. An extraordinary mixture of Italy and your own native country – and you are now eager to trace more on that original Italia part: that’s where Bella Italia Genealogy comes in for help!

Whether you are just wondering on how to put the first leaves on your family tree, or being you an expert family history enthusiast wishing for that ultimate research help: our professional genealogy company is serious about uncovering your very unique Italian ancestors. Based on the initial information you have, we will help you reveal your genealogy through an in-depth research and analysis.

On top of getting a professional look into your personal family story, Bella Italia Genealogy provides you with its very own premier Roots on the Ground research opportunity. As a fully Italy-based company, results and reports will be developed and delivered using the unique set of records only available through on-site research.

So how do we get started? Every Search your Roots process would proceed as follows:

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    Back from your family stories and memories, you will be asked to send us any piece of information and family history fact. Any paper trail or just oral data is important to us – this will all be crucial to the research output itself.
  • search_consultation

    You now may just take the flight attendant’s “sit back and relax” advice for real! This is our turn to thoroughly revise the information provided on a 1-hour free consultation. Such a preliminary research will serve for a solid validation of the family history known by date.
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    After an attentive insight on your ancestors’ knowledge, we will revert back with a research project based on your own goals. All researches are conducted on a tailor-made basis – and a 24/7 assistance you can enjoy all along the process!
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    Right after a thorough on-site research phase is completed, an extensive work session will be devoted to put all the new findings on your ancestry up into a set of reports and family charts. These will serve as a guidance to keep track of all the acquired records’ trail. All reports and files will come fully documented to you – as your own Bella Italia Genealogy researcher will get pictures and scans of the records from the actual old registers right to you!

So what are you waiting for? We are ready to take you on a fascinating path into your family’s past, a journey that may surprise and move you, while bringing you closer to knowing who you are. Get in touch with us today!