Meet Your Roots

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On a plain genealogy research, all along with the information resulting from old and dusty registers, documents and files are collected as to add new leaves to your family tree as many generations back in time as possible.
How thrilling would it be though to turn out family names into real-life persons to meet? Not to be missed within an extensive research project, looking for your distant cousins is the ultimate way to enrich your Roots on the Ground experience!

Either you want it to be added to one of our research packages, or you are planning it as a stand-alone project, we at Bella Italia Genealogy take the job seriously! Using our local Italy-based on-site research company, you will make sure to get in touch with your Italian family members right as if you were a local – as we would speak Italian to them on your behalf.

As for a plus, using local on-site records throughout the research as we do at Bella Italia Genealogy is the most effective way to get ahold of second or third cousins you might never spot through microfilmed or online records. Back from one of our best Meet your Roots tour projects in Sarno, Salerno, Campania, excited clients Bernadette and Joe say it all in the video below

Why waiting – get now your Roots on the Ground experience enriched with a real family gathering here in Italy! Either included in our Travel your Roots programme or as a single research project itself, we’ll be honored to have you share stories and old pictures with the descendants of those who stayed behind.