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    Not just about on-site researching your Italian family’s unknown stories and documents right here in Italy – the job we daily love doing at Bella Italia Genealogy may be the right fit also for you aiming to get your Italian Citizenship!

    Among others, owning a passport from the Bel Paese encompasses a variety of benefits as to owning property and establishing a company in Italy as well as in the whole European Union territory. On top of that, what would it feel like displaying your Italian identity while being called a proper Italiano?

    Going through the whole citizenship application process can be a breeding ground for confusion though – and that starts right at first with determining your eligibility to commence the procedure. From A to Z, from helping you get the whole required set of documents to the citizenship confirmation letter, our staff is here to support you in taking every single step of the process at your ease – making the job an hassle-free one for you!

    Either you wish to be in the line for an appointment at your local Italian Consulate, or you are interested in our quicker exclusive In-Italy “Travel &… Citizen!” application programme, Bella Italia Genealogy will work hard to make it as easy as 1-2-3 for you

    How does our Claim your Roots programme look like? Starting with a free consultation in determining if you are eligible to apply, you just need to get your mind set for one of the following options – then it will all be our turn!

    • Being this the ordinary application system used for decades, it is the one everybody relies on – though resulting in longer completion times as long as more people get in the process. Waiting lines for the initial appointment at the consulate can be as long as 1 year or more from the time of booking. From booking your appointment at the consulate to the very moment you become a cittadino italiano, we will help you on every step of the process to make this the smoothest one you could expect.


    • No more need to wait in the Consulate lines for years – take the shortcut and get your Italian Citizenship papers quickly processed right here, back to your ancestors’ homeland Italy. As a result of a recent amendment in 2007 to the Italian Citizenship Law, all people of Italian descent claiming their right for citizenship might apply at whatsoever town hall – and getting their citizenship papers by 6 months since the time of application! Why waiting? Bella Italia Genealogy is ready to offer you a real Roots on the Ground experience by applying in Italy directly, while being on your Citizenship Vacation trip!


    • If you are at a well advanced stage in acquiring the whole necessary set of required application documents by yourself, we can help you in grabbing those you need from Italy. As an Italy-based research firm, we have all it takes to get your Italian ancestors’ records the right way – having a direct access to the actual repositories where docs are kept. You will enjoy an affordable service while sitting and waiting for the Italian Town Hall/Church records you need through our fully-comprehensive research help!


    Now it’s the time to boost your sense of belonging to your Italian forefathers’ land: don’t hesitate and get Bella Italia Genealogy help you today in Claiming your Roots!