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Family – famiglia: maybe no other term can make it up any better to express my sense of belonging to the place I come from. Famiglia has always been the place where I leave from on every trip – and that is the place where I am glad to get back to when feeling you need to go home. Famiglia has been covering a place of its own in my heart ever since I was born – but what is that makes family so special? What can you call as being famiglia at the largest extent as you know it?

Back in 2006, there came a day when I started getting so much curious about those lines in the famiglia which I had never questioned myself about. It was then when my father told me that a great-uncle of mine went to America through Ellis Island that I realized I really wanted to discover who I am and where I come from.

I would never imagine where that research path would have brought me to. At that time, as an Italy-born taking his very dirst steps in family history research, I couldn’t expect the thrills of meeting second cousins in the States who had been waiting for decades to be greeted by their Italian family – and whose names had been so long unknown to me.

Above all, I would never imagine that got to be the day when Genealogy would come as a waterfall in my life.
Starting with taking part in online message boards on family history, throughout the years I have been so honored to help dozens of people of Italian descent live the same feelings I had in finding their own famiglia. Helping tying them back to their own Italian roots is what makes me love the job I do – with many clients turning out to be lifetime friends too!

It is with such a spirit of supporting those feeling like missing some patterns in their family puzzle that I decided to found Bella Italia Genealogy as your exclusive Italy-based genealogy research company. Whether you are initiating your very own enthusiastic steps in searching your family history, or you are planning your once-in- a-lifetime Ancestral Trip and wondering to possibly meet your Italian cousins, or even willing to get your dual citizenship – we will be so proud to help make such dreams real for you! Our offices are based in Campania, South Italy and by using the set of records and documents which come available only through an on-site research, we will make this a one-of- a-kind experience for you.
Your very own Roots on the Ground experience!

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Celebrities’ families researched

In collaboration with ItalianSide, Alessandro was thrilled to be selected as a member of the research team for Episode 5, Seasons 7 of Swedish Genealogy TV show “Vem tror du att du är?” (i.e. the Swedish version of the documentary series “Who Do You Think You Are?”). He loved working on helping the famed Swedish singer and actress Pernilla Wahlgren on her quest on her great-grandfather’s roots in L’Aquila, Abruzzo!
Back in October 2015, Alessandro has enthusiastically taken renowned Brodway actor Michael Cerveris (mostly seen in TV series as Fringe and CSI, and in the 1980s musical film Fame) to walk his ancestral footsteps in Teggiano, Salerno – with his lovely family getting along on a once-in- a-lifetime journey we’ll never forget!

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