Travel Your Roots

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Far beyond the most renowned spots and towns everyone gets to visit throughout Italy, a hidden strongbox of off-the-beaten-path places awaits you to be visited. It’s just there, in that tiny above-the-hill town, where your Italian forebears were born and raised before moving abroad and getting to change their lives. It’s that little town in the Bella Italia which would be preserved as a hidden gem in their hearts – once and for all.
As of today, you do recall your parents or grandparents telling you stories about your ancestral town’s name, sharing old pics from the time – but none in your present family has ever been there to witness what the actual township looks like.

Right for you who has always been questioning what it took to your Italian ancestors to live back in the days of yore, as your exclusive Italy-based genealogy firm, Bella Italia Genealogy can be the key to answer those questions!

On a Travel your Roots tailor-made ancestral tour, you will get to walk on your real ancestors’ footsteps, by visiting the main church where your forefathers were baptised and got married, as well as visiting the area where their original household might still be in place. As a plus, beyond overcoming that language barrier, getting a full Italian-born guide from our staff all along your visit makes your trip an unprecedented chance to walk around as a real local!

So what’s to be expected on such a journey of a lifetime? Here’s an excerpt of a sample tour programme we at Bella Italia Genealogy would be so proud to put up for you:

Fees quoted at our $50 hourly rate and select project expenses TBD